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Catalogues of Slytherin Diagon Shops

black.cherry by luxuria
carpe.noctem by svimmelhet
creativearies by ariesathena
kinnetik by visual_icon
pierrelle.couture [signatures] by agent_maxine
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Winged Serpent ~ A Slytherin Shoppe [19 Sep 2006|07:38pm]


Journey down a lonesome, mist-shrouded street of Diagon and gently rap upon the door of the Winged Serpent.
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kinnetik [19 Jun 2006|09:35pm]


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Black Cherry; A Slytherin Production [19 May 2006|06:22pm]


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Pierrelle Couture // Signatures [17 May 2006|11:57pm]


Elite Signatures Catalogue!
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[17 May 2006|01:41pm]


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Creativearies: A Slytherin Shop [16 May 2006|03:52pm]

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These are the signatures I am currently offering in my shop at diagon_elite. If you would like to order any of these, please leave a comment to this post.

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Welcome! [10 May 2006|03:15pm]


Welcome to serpent_catalog!
A home of Diagon Alley Catalogues for Slytherin Shop Owners!
May you let loose the free internet galleons and satisfy the never-ending shopping craving -_-

.: LAYOUT :.
.. Overrides by faceon @ steal my layout ..
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